8. June, 2021

One of the 400 Actros anniversary cars Edition 2 will work in a Latvian company

One of the 400 Actros anniversary cars Edition 2 will work in a Latvian company

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Actros, Daimler Truck AG has launched 400 special trucks. The first Actros Edition 2 car rolled off the production line on May 4, and already at the beginning of June one of them arrived in Latvia - it was purchased by the international freight company "Tūre S".

Actros Edition 2 is a S-class truck. It integrates the latest technologies, several of which could be used in personal car construction in the future, as well as meeting the highest standards of comfort, safety and design.

On the highway, this model will clearly stand out against the background of others and attract the attention of others. This is evident in the special tone of the moonstone in a matte, metallic color with exclusive side wall stickers with a star pattern, as well as a specially designed Actros emblem on the front, four additional LED sun visors, tinted bi-xenon headlights and three LED work lights behind the cab. Stainless steel steps and chrome wheel covers and nut caps are particularly noticeable from the sides.


On the other hand, the interior is sophisticated and surprises not only with digitalisation - from MirrorCam rear view camera screens to the innovative Multimedia Cockpit system with digital car activity monitoring. The carbon fiber inlays and leather upholstery in the instrument panel, as well as the ventilated leather upholstered driver's seat, make a sporty impression. The corner corner sofa and an extra wide (900 mm) bed with a high-comfort orthopedic mattress and top mattress, which is complemented by a special Mercedes-Benz bedding set with a star pattern for the blanket and pillow, add elegance to the cabin.


"This car will be appreciated by innovation- and technology-loving professionals, for whom the truck is more than just a home or a workplace, and they are united by a strong emotional connection with the car. This car is specially designed for stylish interior and exterior details, also for driver comfort, active and passive safety, modern effective supervision, ”says Aivis Zapereckis, SIA“Domenikss” truck sales and marketing manager. “This car is richly equipped with both driving assistants and active safety assistance systems, such as the fifth-generation Active Brake Assist, as well as the advanced Predictive Powertrain Control, a system that helps save fuel and makes driving easier on the road. , but also on urban and regional routes."

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