10. June, 2021

The new Mercedes-Benz C class arrives in Latvia - a car in which the Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 team also participated

The new Mercedes-Benz C class arrives in Latvia - a car in which the Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 team also participated

The new Mercedes-Benz C class represents a sporty and sophisticated exterior, a smart interior with second-generation MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience), rear-wheel drive, Over-The-Air, digital lights and a host of other innovations by Daimler AG as the latest achievement of the automotive industry, which was presented to the world only half a year ago.

"The new C class actually is a compact version of the flagship - the S class. With this car Daimler AG demonstrates the art of combining values ​​- sportiness and dynamism with efficiency and safety, as well as outstanding comfort. The C class is clearly the leader in its segment evidenced by the fact that it is the best-selling Mercedes-Benz model in the world,” says Jānis Dambītis, Mercedes-Benz Ambassador in Latvia.


In the most economical variant it is possible to purchase a C class with a 1.5-liter petrol engine which develops 168 horsepower, but in the C200 version - 201 horsepower. The most powerful model with a 2.0-liter petrol engine has 255 horsepower. In offer are also three diesel engine variants. All engine models have 4 cylinders and all models are equipped with a 9-speed automatic transmission.

Empathic digitization with the ability to interact humanly

The paradigm shift to digitization in this model is obvious as the car's functions are controlled and navigated via two high-resolution LCD screens. The standard screen diagonal of control panel has a 9.5 inches (24.1 cm). An optional 11.9-inch (30.2 cm) screen is also available. The appearance of the screen can be personalized with three display styles - discreet, sporty and classic, and three modes - navigation, help and service. Together with the ambient interior lighting it creates an opportunity to individualize the car's interior design and mood. The centeral screen is also available in either 10.25 inches (26.0 cm) or 12.3 inches (31.2 cm) as in the S class. Both screens are oriented to the driver.

"Impressive screens are just the externally visible side of this car's digitization. Much more important is their "brain" - just like in the S class's second-generation MBUX with voice control "Hey Mecedes". It is the most comprehensive and intelligent multimedia information and entertainment system that radically changes the driving experience. It is able to learn through artificial intelligence, acquiring new knowledge about its owner and his wishes. Being on the road, now everything is possible virtually - starting with ordering products for dinner and managing the calendar, and ending with participation in online conferences, including monitoring of a smart home,” J. Dambītis continues. "It should be noted that the security of data and personal settings has also been considered, as a fingerprint scanner is located in ergonomically accessible place under the screen."

Rear wheel adjustment provides special maneuverability

In the new C class for the first time for a car of this size also has the option to choose the rear wheels. Previously this feature was not offered for C class.


“At speeds up to 60 km / h the rear wheels steer in the opposite direction to the front, while at speeds above 60 km / h they steer in the same direction. Thanks to the new suspension system the car's rear wheels can turn 2.5 °. This significantly improves the maneuverability and dynamics of the already skillful car,” continues J. Dambītis.

Digital lights - the latest Mercedes-Benz headlight revolution

With the entry of the latest S class Mercedes-Benz introduced to the world digital light technology. It is now also available to C class buyers. Each spotlight in this car has holographic lenses that rotate  2 000 times in a minute, reflecting light from 1.3 million micromirrors. They adapt the light to the terrain and weather conditions, project important road signs on the road surface and are adaptive to changes in the environment. The new Highbeam Assist technology has a resolution of more than 2.6 million pixels and is more than 100 times accurate than the previous Multibeam Led system.


OTA - a system that will allow you to restore the car with programs that have not yet been created

Every year Mercedes-Benz develops a number of new car management and safety programs. An Over-The-Air system has been developed to make the latest software available. “Notification of any new software will appear in the MBUX and can be downloaded remotely with the permission of the car owner. To activate it, the owner will need to re-authorize. In this way it is ensured that it will be possible to install programs and updates in the car, which have not even been created yet,” concludes J. Dambītis.

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