Financing options

Financing options

You can contact any bank or leasing company in Latvia to get financing for your vehicle purchase.  

The following types of financing are available.

Financial leasing 

means that during the leasing period, you pay the full value of the car in monthly instalments and then become its owner.

Operating leasing 

or rent means that the car is given to you for a fixed period of time and you have to pay the wear and tear (depreciation) value of the vehicle during that period. At the end of the contract, you may return the car to the seller (which is intended at the time of the contract conclusion), redeem it, or transfer the right of redemption to another person.

Full service leasing 

companies have the opportunity to receive financing related to the use of the vehicle, such as insurance (KASKO, OCTA), maintenance and repair, tire change and storage, 24-hour helpdesk. The client agrees with the leasing company on the desired additional services; their costs are spread over the lease period and added to the monthly payments.