Financing options

Financing options


Domenikss is a customer service company that specializes in car sells. This framework stands for an entirely different perception of financing and ownership rights, it is nothing you might associate with a typical car dealership. We know that having to solve financial and insurance policy issues can be very confusing and complicated, it might inflict a feeling that you are at a disadvantageous position. Our ultimate goal is to be your advocate, to ensure that you feel secure and satisfied about your purchase. It stands for each and every aspect of Domenikss business practices – our priority is to earn a customer for life, it is not about making a sale.


To provide an outstanding service, we offer different vehicle financing options. Our financial offers can be divided into two categories: operating and finance lease. Your Domenikss consultant will help you to consider all the pros and cons to find the option that suites you the best.


Operating lease option combines two benefits – ownership (a rental with a buyout option) and lease. You pay only for the actual vehicle depreciation and the additional finance charges and taxes. Depending on the expected vehicle mileage, different operating lease options are currently available. Your Domenikss consultant will help you to acquire financing for 24, 36 or 48 months. At the end of the term, you can either make the final payment on the remaining amount to purchase the car or you can choose to return it to Domenikss dealership.


Finance lease, in its traditional sense, involves consecutive payments over a certain period of time, you agree to pay the price of a concrete service or product and the additional finance charge. This type of financing would suite you the best if you want to own the vehicle or you plan to use it for a few years. Domenikss has an established cooperation with the leaders of the finance sector that enables us to offer you the lowest interest rates available. A significant aspect of our company is to be at the top of the finance market and to follow the best offers at any given time.
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