2. June, 2021

The new "Domenikss" truck sales and service center in Saurieši has started working.

The new "Domenikss" truck sales and service center in Saurieši has started working.

The general representative of Daimler Truck AG in Latvia SIA Domenikss has opened the largest and most modern truck sales and service center in Latvia. With the opening of the new center near Riga, SIA “Domenikss” plans to increase the volume of trucks sold, as well as increase the volume of service work in the truck and bus segment several times - by 2025 by 300%. Around EUR 2 million has been invested in the establishment of the center.

The new truck sales and service center, as well as a large car wash, is located in Saurieši and is located in two buildings with a total area of ​​2560 m2. In one of the buildings there is a truck sales salon, service rooms, and a truck spare parts warehouse. The second is a truck wash.

1r1a7667-final.jpg“The opening of the new center is a strategically important step in expanding the business of SIA “Domenikss” both in truck sales and after-sales service. We have been planning this enlargement project for a long time, but since 2018 we have been carefully focusing on its implementation. We continued to invest in the establishment of the center despite the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. We believe that the investment is justified in view of the clear forecast of growth in demand in the domestic commercial transport sector. For example, in 2020, Domenikss more than tripled the number of trucks sold, but together with partners, this number was 10 times higher than in 2019. In the short term, the expansion of the transport and delivery fleet is affected by the changes in the movement of goods brought about by Covid-19, namely the growing need to maintain and renew the existing fleet due to the limited supply of new cars. In the long run, the requirements of the European Union, environmental policy trends in the world and the development trends of the global car industry will force the use of more environmentally friendly cars in Latvia as well, which will be followed by the need to replace a large fleet. Therefore, in this segment we see high potential and advantages for the development of "Domenikss" leadership positions, "says Benita Danilenko, Chairman of the Board of SIA "Domenikss".

The center sells all Mercedes-Benz manufactured by Daimler Truck AG, as well as Mitsubishi's Fuso Canter models. The service center serves Mercedes-Benz trucks and buses, as well as Fuso trucks and Setra buses. Along with the change of location and significant increase in capacity, SIA “Domenikss” truck service also expands the range of services provided. In the future, the center will also serve the running gear of trailers, cold storage, etc. composition equipment. At the same time, the service will be able to service five full trains.

The new truck service center is equipped with the most modern technologies that meet Daimler AG standards. For example Hunter HTA-MBHD, the most modern wheel geometry test and adjustment equipment in Latvia. The new system for commercial vehicles is the first and only in the industry to be able to measure three axles simultaneously in just three minutes. Fast and high-quality diagnostics and repair execution will also be ensured by any car wash intended for repairs, and a spare parts warehouse, which will ensure the prompt availability of the necessary materials.

“Several criteria are important for our customers - easy access, fast repair and high quality, as well as the range of available services. Location just a kilometer from the A4 highway and a few kilometers from the planned Rail Baltica route, highly qualified masters and professionally equipped equipment, as well as the opportunity to repair both the tractor and the train will provide us with growth in all criteria,” says Vitalijs Ročans, SIA Domenikss " Member of the Board.

Attracting new customers will be ensured not only by an increase in capacity, but also by a strategically chosen location - near the Riga bypass, which is used for European transit by carriers from the Baltic and Scandinavian countries. The new center will also be able to service long-distance trucks, which, according to the restrictions set by the "mobility package", must return to their home country every three weeks, and repairs are more convenient and profitable here than in other EU countries. These cars make up a significant part of the truck fleet registered in Latvia as a whole.

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