16. December, 2020

The new Mercedes-Benz S Class - the future of automotive today

The new Mercedes-Benz S Class - the future of automotive today

The most popular luxury car in the world - Mercedes-Benz S Class, has arrived in Latvia. This car defines next-generation mobility already for decades. This time is no exception.

Many new innovations are offered, incl. safety, assistance systems, and digitalization at a level that can empathetically respond to both driver and passenger expectations and the environment. These innovations are expected to have a significant impact on the development of the entire automotive industry in the coming years.

This car had its world premiere on September 2. The new Mercedes-Benz S Class has become smarter in many areas and gives a richer driving experience. Most importantly, all innovations focus on the safety and desires of the people in the car.

Digital lights. Over the years, Mercedes-Benz has made more than one leap of car light technology in the future. Including, Multibeam Led. The leap into the future is also digital light. The S Class has 1.3 million micromirrors in each spotlight, which adapt the light to the terrain and weather conditions, project significant road signs on the road surface and adaptively respond to changes in the environment. The new Highbeam Assist technology has a resolution of more than 2.6 million pixels and is more than 100 times more accurate than before.

The world's first frontal airbag for rear seat passengers. It has been 40 years since the first airbag was installed in the car. It has taken so long to develop the first front airbag for the rear seat passengers. In addition to the S Class, conceptually new - inflatable, seat belts - have also been installed. As well should be mentioned the PRE SAFE system for the protection of occupants in the event of unavoidable side impacts. It acts as soon as the sensors detect an impending impact. The inflatable edges of the seats move people closer to the centre of the cabin. In turn, the control units of the E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL system analyse the driving situation and adjust the ballast 1000 times per second, and the adaptive suspension car raises the car by 80 millimetres in a few tenths of a second. As a result, the most significant impact is received by the threshold, not the passengers. However, this system will be integrated in S Class cars from the summer of 2021. A new airbag has also been fitted between the front seats, which reduces the risk of the front seat occupants coming into contact in the event of a side impact.

Maximum available rear wheel manoeuvrability. Thanks to the new suspension system, the car's rear wheels can turn 10 °. As a result, the manoeuvrability of a long car is similar to a compact car. The S Class is able to enter into parking place at a 45-degree angle with one turn of the steering wheel, and the turning radius is reduced by 2 meters.

Smart governance. In a recent years no other innovation has changed Mercedes-Benz as radically as MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). The second-generation MBUX makes its debut in this S Class, providing more control not only for the driver but also for the passengers. By saying "Hey Mercedes", the driver and passengers can not only change the music in the cabin, make calls and participate in online conferences, but also manage their "smart home", order product delivery, etc. The MBUX Interior Assistant, on the other hand, recognizes and predicts the wishes and intentions of passengers through the cameras located in the upper control panel. For example, when interpreting the direction of the head, darkens the windows, hand movements - opens the sunroof, and reacts with other appropriate functions. The "Hey Mercedes" voice assistant now also explains the vehicle's functions and answers questions.

Active Ambient lighting in the cabin. Thanks to LED technology, Mercedes-Benz for the first time has now also implemented interactive interior lighting. It is (optionally) now integrated in the driving assistance systems and is able to visually amplify the warnings as well as provide the right mood in the car in cooperation with the comfort systems.

New information and control panel architecture. There must be harmony between digital and analog luxury. That is the reason why interior has been revolutionized, including associations with yacht design elements. The panel has become sculptural, while the centre console and armrests seem to float over the vast interior landscape. The new S Class has 5 touch screens. Central screen is 12.3-inch OLED, while the driver's monitor responds to the driver's gaze, creating a 3D image and providing a sense of augmented reality that matches a 77-inch monitor. You can customize the design on the screen by choosing from four display styles (Discreet, Sporty, Exclusive, Classic). Computing power on the new S-Class is 41,790 MB per second. This means that the driver can read e-mails on the central screen while passengers watch each of their movies on their screens. What relates to sound, it is a 4D Burmester surround system with 31 speakers and 8 stimulators. This means that the sound resonates in the seats, creating a three-dimensional listening experience. Another level - 4D sound, is created by acoustic massage.

A new level of comfort for the driver and passengers. 10 massage programs - so much of them is in this car. Up to 18 different engines take care of the comfort in the front seats. 4 of them take care of the massage, 5 take care of the ventilation, 1 support the waist, and 8 adjust the chair for general comfort. As automaker Daimler says, "Every seat in this car is an S Class." ENERGIZING Comfort programs, based on information about the driver's sleep quality and stress level, as well as vehicle and journey data, create a suitable atmosphere - for example, invigorate monotonous road sections or relax in case of increased stress.

Over-The-Air system. It allows remote control of the management and auxiliary software with the owner's permission.

About S class

The S-Class is the soul of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Each model has had a significant impact on the automotive industry of its time - an understanding of luxury, comfort, safety and lifestyle. In the S-Class, artificial intelligence is combined with 135 years of experience in mechanical engineering. More than 500,000 S-Class sedans have been sold worldwide. The level of loyalty for this series of models is particularly high. About 80% of customers in Western Europe and more than 70% in the US who have previously driven an S-Class choose this model again.

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