Car Care

Saturated and brilliant paintwork, high-gloss wheels, flawlessly clean and fresh interior, crystal-clear windows. How to keep the car looking and feeling as if it is fresh off the showroom floor? Mercedes-Benz Genuine Care Products will help you keep your car looking its best.

All Mercedes-Benz Genuine Care Products have been developed to not only suit the materials of your car, but also to be environmentally friendly. Car care products have been especially tested to ensure they are compatible with the highest quality and environmental standards. 

Product categories

For the exterior

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Exterior Products protect your car's paintwork, glass, wheels and plastic surfaces and keep them sparkling clean.

image-mq6-0-2x-20191111231729.jpg image-mq6-0-2x-201911112317292.jpg image-mq6-0-2x-201911112317293.jpg image-mq6-0-2x-201911112317294.jpg
Bodywork shampoo
Synthetic leather cloth
Insect remover
Wheel cleaner
 image-mq6-0-2x-201911112317305.jpg  image-mq6-0-2x-201911112317306.jpg  image-mq6-0-2x-201911112317307.jpg  
Polishing fleece
Glass cleaner
Exterior care kit 

For the interior

The genuine interior products are specially developed for the sophisticated interior materials of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

image-mq6-0-2x-20191111231730.jpg image-mq6-0-2x-201911112317302.jpg image-mq6-0-2x-201911112317303.jpg image-mq6-0-2x-201911112317304.jpg
Universal cleaner
Microfibre cloth
Cockpit cleaner
Textile upholstery cleaner
 image-mq6-0-2x-201911112317305-1.jpg  image-mq6-0-2x-201911112317306-1.jpg  image-mq6-0-2x-201911112317307-1.jpg  image-mq6-0-2x-201911112317308.jpg
Glass cleaner
Window cloth
Leather care agent
Interior care kit

For paintwork care

To maintain the paintwork of your car bright and lustrous for years to come, Mercedes-Benz recommends using genuine paintwork care products.

image-mq6-0-2x-20191111231730-1.jpg image-mq6-0-2x-201911112317302-1.jpg image-mq6-0-2x-201911112317303-1.jpg image-mq6-0-2x-201911112317304-1.jpg
Paintwork cleaner
Polishing fleece
Gloss preserver
Matte paintwork care agent

Products for winter

 When temperatures drop below freezing point, your car faces some especially challenging conditions.

image-mq6-0-2x-20191111231731.jpg image-mq6-0-2x-201911112317312.jpg    
Windscreen washer fluid concentrate
Defrosting agent 

Detail your Mercedes-Benz yourself! Car cleaning service providers often use all-purpose cleaners that are not specifically formulated for the materials used in your car. Only by choosing Mercedes-Benz Genuine Care Products can the perfect quality and longevity of the materials be guaranteed. A clean car boosts the well-being of any passenger. A clean car ensures better air quality, a more pleasant driving experience and, not least, presents itself in the best light to others.

The genuine Mercedes-Benz car care products can be purchased at the Domenikss Service Centre, at 12 Abrenes Street, Riga.

Domenikss service center

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Phone number: (+371) 67 099 888
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