8. January, 2021

What to do in case the car slips off the road

What to do in case the car slips off the road

With the onset of winter, when the roads are covered with snow and ice, not eaven a single driver experiences slipping with his car in the ditch. When this happens, it is important not to be confused and to know both the correct sequence of actions and where to turn for help.

Is everyone all right
The first thing that is important to make sure in such a situation is whether any of the passengers in the car have been injured. If someone needs help, their situation should be assessed. If the victim is unconscious or if his or her life is in danger, call Emergency Medical Service immediately by calling 113. If there is no danger to life, seek medical advice after dealing with the accident – call to your family doctor or (in the evening and on weekends) to counseling service by calling (+371) 66016001.

Road safety
Here are three important steps. The first - emergency lights. It is necessary to signal to other road users that special attention must be paid to all possible aspects on this section of road. The second - parking brake. If the machine is on a sloping surface, it is important to prevent it from rolling deeper into the ditch. Third - it is necessary to assess whether the location of the car does not interfere with traffic on the road. In this case put on a reflective vest, place a triangle on the road and call the traffic police on 112, who will ensure the organization of traffic on this section of the road. It is also important to call the police in cases when other vehicles are involved in the accident or other people's property is damaged.

Getting out of the ditch
If the car is not damaged, you should start with your own efforts to get out of the ditch. "The question is whether the car is on a level surface or on a slope. If on a flat surface, pushing will help and it will work better if the machine is lighter. On the other hand, going off the slope will bring more weight, as it will provide better grip on the base. Sand, stones, twigs, even a car mat can be used. If it does not help, call for technical assistance, ”says Māris Putnieks, Manager of Passenger Car Service at “ Domenikss ”.

Customers of SIA “Domenikss” who regularly maintain their car at the dealer have access to free 24-hour technical assistance throughout Europe by calling (+371) 29 488 557. This also applies in cases where the machine cannot be started (battery failure), the tank is frozen or out of fuel, incorrectly used snow chains and in cases of other technical problems.

For technical assistance you can also turn to the company where the insurance was purchased (OCTA, KASKO). If the above options are not available, you can call the car evacuation service providers. For example, LAMB helps prevent minor damage right on the road.

What needs to be in the trunk when going on a trip in the winter
As it is necessary to take care of preparing the car for driving in winter months, it`s also necessary to get equipment for unforeseen situations. “You have to start by making sure where the machine has a hook or a so-called loop. For all new models, it is unscrewable and must be located in the compartment next to the spare tire. If the loop is lost, it will not be possible to get out of the ditch on your own. There should also be a rope in the trunk, albeit a small shovel and a flashlight. Finally, you should always have warm clothes and thick gloves with you in the car, because if the unexpected happens, they will mean a lot,” says M. Putnieks.

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