2. December, 2019

Let's go skiing! Three benefits for skiing holidays when traveling with a Mercedes-Benz minivan

Let's go skiing! Three benefits for skiing holidays when traveling with a Mercedes-Benz minivan

December is very close, and the official skiing season is just around the corner. While long-term snowing is not yet promised in Latvia, many choose to enjoy winter fun at the most popular skiing resorts. If you are still considering whether to go to the mountains by plane or by a minibus, benefits of traveling by car brought forward by SIA "Domenikss" – representative of Daimler AG in Latvia – will be helpful, so that the decision made would be both friendly for the budget and comfortable for the traveller.

If you are among those who love to travel, even more so when traveling with family or a larger group of friends, a minivan vacation is one of the things you should try. There are many benefits to this type of traveling, and by learning some of them, you will surely find a reason why skis and snowboards are easier to load in the roof rack and to go the road with a more rigorous car.

A trip that is friendly to the family budget
The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about traveling is the cost. Trip becomes particularly expensive when costs for carrying ski equipment bags must be added to all family flight tickets and car hiring costs, which further increase the traveling budget. Comparing the costs, there will be significant savings if you choose to travel by a minivan. While airfares are rising with the skiing season and often change every other day, fuel prices are much more predictable. In addition, the trip is not that far – for example, you will be in the mountains of Austria in two days with one overnight stay.

Fuel efficiency is an important factor to consider when choosing a travel vehicle. The latest Mercedes-Benz minivans are designed with all the nuances of the traveller in mind: from the comfort in a longer trip to the fuel consumption, which reduces overall travel costs. The increased power and low consumption engines of the latest cars provide fuel efficiency. For example, the latest-generation V-Class minivan has an average fuel consumption of 6.4-6.8 l/100 km, which allows to go the distance, for example, to the mountain resort of Livigno for less than 200 euros. The modern minivan has up to eight seats, so travel costs per person are very friendly.

Spacious and adaptable
One of the major benefits of traveling by car is the ability not to break your head in a suitcase and the daunting dilemma of leaving your ski equipment at home or paying for it. The car roof rack lets you carry all the sports equipment you need, even with eight passengers in the cabin. By contrast, if you are traveling with your family and need, for example, only 4 seats, minivan seats are easily transformable and removable, allowing you to free up space for your belongings, sports equipment or sleeping place.

The standard minivan has 4 comfortable individual seats in the rear. If desired, the compact version of the vehicle can be fitted with two three-seat benches, making the V-Class an eight-seater. Practical details like the seat rail system, which can move rear bench seats and individual seats, or face-to-face displacement is a comfort, which will be particularly appreciated by parents traveling with their children. The ability to talk face-to-face or play games on the go is also a great solution for a comfortable and easy ride that may seem challenging to children at first.

Finally – in the event of excess baggage, you will not have to give up newly purchased souvenirs or refuse to take home drinks, as it is often the case when facing strict luggage regulations of airlines.

Sense of freedom and flexibility
A sense of freedom and minimal commitment – it is easy to change your plans when traveling by car. This way, the traveller is not bound to the time schedule and can freely choose when to stop and enjoy a beautiful view or a delicious lunch – it just depends on the wishes of the driver and the passengers. The flexibility of traveling by minibus is what has made many people love this way of traveling. It's the freedom to decide and change your travel plans, thinking about which place to visit, what to eat, how many people to take with you on your trip. It also means that you can easily change your destination or extend your trip and time with your loved ones.

An integral part of this is the opportunity to explore several countries, enjoy the scenery outside the window or sample local dishes along the way. In addition, the long way will please the driver too – the good roads and motorways of Europe will also let to enjoy the power of the minivan. The V-Class minivan can reach 214 km/h, which means it is safe to drive in the third lane of the motorway. On the other hand, all-wheel drive offers significant advantages when choosing mountains as a destination. This special equipment is especially suited for handling difficult road sections and for greater safety in slippery conditions.

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