20. November, 2020

The car is ready for winter in 1 hour!

The car is ready for winter in 1 hour!

When the thermometer bar drops below 0 °, the car may start to “stop cooperating”. There are many ways this can happen. To avoid that, SIA "Domenikss" service offers "Ready for winter and Christmas", when, devoting an hour of your time and a 25 euros, it is possible to be sure - surprises that could have been avoided will come to an end this winter.

DDuring the winter season, car behavior habits tend to differ significantly from the usual in summer. Starting the engine which does not run and ending the frozen window fluid on the windshield. In addition comes road safety. During the dark hours of the day, it is important not to dazzle oncoming drivers and not to be dazzled yourself. It is important to notice pedestrians and be more than sure of the sharpness of your car's brakes as well.

Addressing these issues on an individual basis requires a considerable amount of time, resources and money. "Domenikss" offers to do that faster, more convenient and cheaper.

If you book your visit till 30th of December in advance, we will put in order your car within an hour:

  • battery check;
  • checking and replenishing the level and frost resistance of all fluids (windows, brakes, coolants, etc.);
  • car brake test on a stand;
  • headlight adjustment.

In addition to the original spare parts and materials included in the promotion - the battery, brake system parts, window and coolants, bulbs and lights, as well as window wipers, will cost you 35% cheaper.

And more! As long as the masters work, while you will enjoy our coffee, you will be able to buy Christmas presents or order them from the catalog with a 10% discount.

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