15. November, 2021

SIA “Domenikss” - epidemiologically safe environment

SIA “Domenikss” - epidemiologically safe environment

As of today, November 15, the established strict restrictions for the prevention of the spread of Covid-19 in Latvia have been lifted and SIA “Domenikss” continues to work in the usual time.

In accordance with the restrictions that came into force in Latvia today, November 15, SIA “Domenikss” provides customer sales of cars, accessories and spare parts in the “green mode”, i.e. in an epidemiologically safe environment!

This means that customers with an interoperable Covid-19 vaccination or disease certificate must present both a certificate and an identity document (passport or ID card) to the Domenikss office administrator.

In turn, service centers will provide services to all customers (without presenting an interoperable certificate in person). Please note that all services are by appointment only. Arrive on time and plan the time needed to repair the machine outside the service area. Customer waiting areas at service centers will only be available to customers with an interoperable Covid-19 vaccination or disease certificate.

Apply for a visit to the service

Call 27 777 021 Call 67 099 888 Online

All visitors to SIA “Domenikss” must wear face masks and observe a distance of 2 meters between individual visitors or different households.

We remind you that people with self-isolation, home quarantine or isolation, as well as people with signs of respiratory infectious disease, must stay at home for the safety of themselves and their fellow human beings.

If you need a car while your car is being repaired at the Mercedes-Benz service center, Domenikss car rental is at your disposal!

You can get acquainted with the salon and service opening hours on a daily basis here: https://www.domenikss.lv/en/about-us/working-hours 

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