28. October, 2020

Mercedes-Benz once again world's most valuable luxury automotive brand

Mercedes-Benz once again world's most valuable luxury automotive brand

In the "Best Global Brand" ranking, Mercedes-Benz has been recognized as the most coveted premium car brand in the world for the fourth year in a row. Mercedes-Benz ranks eighth in the ranking and is the only company from Europe to be in the top ten.

At the beginning of the year Mercedes-Benz triumphed in the car category the “Brand Finance Global 500” as well.At the beginning of the year, the Brand Finance Global 500 also triumphed in the Mercedes-Benz car category.Gada sākumā zīmols Finance Global 500 triumfēja arī Mercedes-Benz automašīnu kategorijā. As a result Mercedes-Benz is convincingly retaining the status of the world`s most valuable premium car brand. In it`s turn in the category of quality in the TOP of Most Loved Baltic brands Mercedes-Benz ranks second among all measured brands in the region, but in Latvia - third.


“All Mercedes-Benz products combine a high level of innovation with mobility at a luxury level. It provides a special experience. And in the shadow of the current COVID-19 pandemic, when lot of things are forbidden, the charm of modern luxury offered a car with a star is gaining a new, even more significant meaning,” says Jānis Dambītis, Mercedes-Benz AG and Daimler Truck AG General Representative in Latvia Ltd Domenikss.

The “Best Global Brands” rating is formed by the famous US brand consulting agency Interbrand, which has been researching and analyzing the world`s most valuable brands since 1999. For the 21st time now, the top 100 are included in the annual "Best Global Brands" study, which examines all candidates according to three criteria: "Financial performance of the brand's products or services", "Role of the brand in the purchase decision process" and "Strength of the brand with regard to securing future corporate earnings". Interbrand was the first company to develop a brand valuation method certified according to ISO 10668. This international standard sets benchmarks for valuation and meets the requirements for precise monetary brand classification.

The Interbrand ranking can be found at: www.bestglobalbrands.com