Passenger car warranty services


Mercedes-Benz Mobilo –  technical assistance on the road anywhere in Europe free of charge. It lets your car always be on the move. 

Mobilo offers fast and high-quality technical assistance to Mercedes-Benz passenger cars that have been registered after 01.04.2008, besides the program is prolonged from one preventive maintenance performed at a certified dealership till the other over even a 30 year period. 

Mobilo program includes: 

  • A ride to/from the place of an accident;
  • Assistance on the site, minor repairs with expenses involved (up to 150 EUR, all tax included);
  • Evacuation to the closest authorized Mercedes-Bens service centre;
  • Taxi fare, return service or public transport (up to 75 EUR, all tax included);
  • Vehicle transportation within 50 km radius from the Mercedes-Benz service centre;
  • A substitute vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired (up to three working days);
  • A flight or a train ride (up to 400 EUR, all tax included);
  • A hotel for you and your passenger (up to 400 EUR, all tax included; up to three working days).

Mobilo brochure