Functionality and comfort

Comfort you can shape.

In the new GLB, you choose the shape your comfort takes. The second seat row with optional sliding adjustment lets you use the interior space in the way that best suits your lifestyle. And, with optional third-row seating (suitable for people up to 1.68m tall), the GLB provides room for up to seven occupants. Climatized seats and a wealth of other premium comfort features mean the feelgood factor never drops below 10.


Optional third row seating.

Seating and luggage space configurations in the new GLB are designed to seamlessly adapt to the changing demands of your lifestyle. There`s flexibility so suit all your needs. Got extra luggage or a particularly large item to carry? The GLB has liters of flexible boot space. Need room for up to two additional passengers? The third-row seating can be easily put up or folded down in no time.

Versatile interior space.

Transport your everyday and leisure items even more practically and safely. The Load Compartment pack includes additional rear stowage features such as tensioning straps and nets, and rear 12-V power supply socket. The socket can be treated as a charging point and is also useful when transporting perishable food items in electrically powered cooling bags.



Open and close your door with zero contact and zero stress. HANDS-FREE ACCESS is activated by a sensor area beneath the rear bumper that detects foot motion/ the feature is particularly helpful when, for example, you`ve got both hands full.

Heated steering wheel.

Brilliant steering comfort - the heated multi-function steering wheel makes sure your hands are warm in cold days too. The hands warm up especially rapidly because the heating of the steering wheel is not dependent on the heating of the car.

Projection display

The best prospects for the joy of sporty driving and a convincing sense of driving. the projection display turns your windshield into a fascinating digital control panel. So that the most important information is always right in front of your eyes. All your attention is in front of the street and traffic events.

Seat conditioning

Seat conditioning means ventilating and cooling the front seats, thus regulating humidity. In colder weather conditions, seat heating also provides a pleasant seat surface temperature. The sitting microclimate is so nice that you no longer want to give it up.


Rear seats with sliding adjustment.

The adjustable rear seats can turn your GLB from a passenger vehicle into a premium transport care n moment. you can even move the entire rear row of seats to create either more space in the boot or more legroom for passenger.



Intuition's all you need.

As well as being astonishingly easy to use, the new MBUX multimedia system can be adapted in countless ways, so that everything can be delivered in a manner that feels 100% natural.




Ease of use.

The image shows the interior of the Mercedes-Benz GLB. Whichever means of input you choose – touchscreen, direct control buttons for media, navigation and telephone, touch control buttons on the steering wheel, the center console-mounted touchscreen, or extended voice recognition – you always get the right result.


Your new GLB remembers what you like. The Theme Display feature enables a few vehicle parameters to be adjusted to pre-configured personal settings – all at the touch of a button. Parameters include display style, air conditioning, drive programs such as Dynamic Select and your preferred radio station.

LINGUATRONIC voice control.

The image shows the media display in the Mercedes-Benz GLB.

Your word is your command. As well as controlling vehicle functions such air conditioning and seat heating, LINGUATRONIC voice control can also be extended to Mercedes-Benz online services such as weather information or internet radio.


Connect to your world. Completely and seamlessly. Answer calls listen to your favorite songs and charge your smartphone wirelessly, all at the same time. The possibilities are almost endless in the new GLB.



Wireless charging.

Driving time becomes charging time. Just place your Qi-equipped smartphone in the marked position of the accessories tray for it to be charged wirelessly. (All compatible Qi equipped smartphones are charged, regardless of brand or model.)

Smartphone integration

Smartphone integration combined with Apple® CarPlay® and Android Auto® connects your mobile phone to a multimedia system. This gives you easy access to the most important smartphone applications. You can also quickly and easily use third-party applications such as Spotify.