The new CLA

The new CLA

CLA - will add color to your life
Pure design | Pure energy

From 39 990 EUR (with VAT)

Benefit: 5 440 EUR

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Modern interior with "Wrap-around" design will make you feel like a hug. The transition between the front panel, the center console and the door trim are fluid and creates a pleasant atmosphere. If your hands enjoy the multifunctional steering wheel, the gaze will be drawn to the extravagant vents and widescreen display. The right multimedia display is a touch screen that displays all information and entertainment content as well as car settings. On the left is the classic control panel. But the classic is just the name. Thanks to different styles, you can configure it individually to your taste. The CLA is a car where iconic design meets true manufactory quality.


What is it like to take a drive in the most emotional car in the Mercedes-Benz compact range? Apply for a test drive and let CLA prove its dynamic driving characteristics!

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cla-landing-1.pngThe design of the new CLA coupe is perfectly adapted to you. This is especially visible from the side: the bow with the extended bonnet bends forward slightly but dynamically. It has a particularly attractive luster on the front: the diamond lattice shines exquisitely and filigree. A face that has no resemblance and stands out in the crowd and attracts all eyes.


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