Mercedes‑Maybach GLS

Mercedes‑Maybach GLS

The ultimate in luxury.
Discover the new Mercedes-Maybach GLS.

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Adapt as you wish and enjoy your independence.

Mercedes-Maybach is an absolute luxury. Exquisite wood and nappa leather finishes, a power sunroof with opaque blinds and massage seats are standard on the Mercedes-Maybach GLS. MBUX high-resolution screens and tablet allow you to fully customize your travel program.

Dream bigger.

The two-tone paintwork made the Maybach special 100 years ago and makes it unique even today. The painting was done with such care that it can take up to a week. There are a variety of color combinations to choose from to highlight the true grandeur of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS. An impressive grille, large panoramic roof and exclusive Maybach rims underline its grandeur and self-esteem.

Celebrate every single moment.

Also, on request, can be installed a special console with convertible tables, two silver champagne glasses and a champagne refrigerator. Equipped in this way, the Mercedes-Maybach GLS is suitable for both work and leisure.

The finest finishes, elegance in every detail and incredible balance.

When the door of the Mercedes-Maybach GLS is opened, the car lowers slightly, the anodized aluminum steps extend for easy getting in and out of the car.
Specially designed 22 '' and 23 '' wheels, fine chrome and exhaust trim, and Maybach badge in several places make this car unique.
The new Mercedes-Maybach GLS comes standard with more than 10 latest-generation driving assistance systems, with more on request. They will help maintain autonomy, as well as, depending on traffic conditions, reduce speed, maintain a distance from the car in front, and stay in the traffic lane. They will also monitor the “blind spot” (even if the GLS is stopped and passengers are about to leave), react to pedestrians and cyclists, warn the driver of the danger of a collision even with several “forward movements”, take different countermeasures depending on the direction of impact, and even call the emergency services. Amazing!

Ride comfort at the highest Maybach level.

A luxury that only a Maybach can offer you: developed specially for the Mercedes-Maybach GLS, the Maybach drive program turns every journey info an incomparably comfortable experience.

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