17. August, 2020

The new E-Class Mercedes-Benz is launched in Latvia

The new E-Class Mercedes-Benz is launched in Latvia

Electrified drive system and innovative M 254 engine, sporty design, ENERGIZING comfort control and the latest generation MBUX multimedia system with LINGUATRONIC voice control as standard and augmented reality - with this set, the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class combines elegance, convenience and efficiency.

Innovative engine
E stands for efficiency: the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class - seven mains-chargeable hybrids with sedan and station wagon body, electrified drive system, petrol and diesel engines, rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive and the new M 254 engine.
The M 254 is a two-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with ISG and a 48-volt electrical system with a rated power of 200 + 15 kW. The engine features an innovative segmental turbocharger with flow connection, an auxiliary electric compressor (eVZ), NANOSLIDE® coated cylinder liners, CONICSHAPE® cylinder channel and CAMTRONIC intake valve control.

Dynamic design
The basic equipment of the new E-Class cars includes the Avantgarde Line's sporty body trim and redesigned LED High performance headlights (optional MULTIBEAM LED headlights with ULTRA RANGE high beam). The designers have also taken care of a special aesthetic aspect of the E-Class base version. Jānis Dambītis says: “For the first time, the basic version of the E-Class is adorned with a central front star on the hood surface. Additional chrome elements play a key role in the new look: the Avantgarde Line's front grille now has two chrome-plated horizontal lines and glossy black vertical elements that highlight a sporty yet elegant look. ”
The name is also justified by the available Exclusive Line: the special grille, the vertical star on the bonnet and the large chrome elements in the front bumper highlight the shape of the car. But the AMG Line version with a new bumper makes the AMG Performance models look even sportier. In addition, in both the Avantgarde and AMG Line versions, the bonnet is designed with accentuated power lines.
The designers have also improved the saloon's rear design with a new bumper, split taillights and a new boot lid. All models have a new design of taillights. Three new colors are available for the E-Class models, and new trim colors and materials are also available in the interior.

Salon of the future
The new E-Class is equipped with the latest generation MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) multimedia system. Standard features include two large 10.25-inch / 26 cm screens placed side by side for a widescreen effect. Two 12.3-inch / 31.2 cm screens are available as accessories. Large, high-resolution screens with excellent graphics ensure that information on the instrument panel and multimedia display is easy to read.
The user can choose from four different styles depending on the mood or the specific interior: Modern Classic is a classic display style in an enhanced version with an elegant and light combination of content; Sport offers a modern turbine design with distinctly sporty black-yellow contrasts; Progressive depicts information in a minimalist digital form, but the Discreet style depicts only the most necessary information.

For the comfort of the driver and passengers, ENERGIZING comfort control is provided by ENERGIZING COACH and PowerNap (mains-chargeable hybrids), as well as ENERGIZING seat kinetics, which
allows to improve the sitting position with small movements of the seat base and backrest while driving.
ENERGIZING COACH offers a program appropriate to a specific person and situation, based on an intelligent algorithm. If a Garmin® wear device is integrated, personal metrics such as stress levels or sleep quality are used to improve the accuracy of recommendations so that passengers feel good and do not feel tired, even on long or monotonous trips.
"Adaptive driver's seat adjustment is especially convenient: when entering the driver's height parameters in the media display or in the Mercedes me application, the seat automatically adjusts to the position suitable for this height, and the driver only has to make a minimum of precise adjustment.

Supplemented management assistant system
Active Stop-and-Go, steering and braking assist systems in the new E-Class models are now complemented by an active blind spot assist system with exit warning, while the parking package in combination with a 360 ° camera offers a wider side view. For the first time, it is possible to park the car automatically not only in parking lots parallel and perpendicular to the carriageway, but also in areas marked with lines.

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