9. January, 2020

The Center of Automotive Management recognized Mercedes-Benz as the most innovative premium brand

The Center of Automotive Management recognized Mercedes-Benz as the most innovative premium brand

Analyzing the 31 premium class innovations of the brand over the past three years, Center of Automotive Management (CAM) named Mercedes-Benz as a leading brand in innovation. Mercedes-Benz acquired the innovation flagship title with approximately 180 new features in the serial models. Among these innovations are the most innovative assistance systems such as anti-theft alarm system, MBUX intuitive and intelligent multimedia system and ENERGIZING comfort control system.

Anti-theft alarm system (ATA) is available as an optional equipment for many Mercedes-Benz model series.  The latest generation of ATA combined with Mercedes me connect service can automatically send a notification of damage in the parking lot and vehicle theft, if the vehicle gets hit or towed. ATA sensors can detect such situations and report them to the vehicle. The vehicle then sends a message to the Mercedes me app, notifying the vehicle owner.

MBUX multimedia system from Mercedes-Benz has been first presented at the 2018 CES Exhibition. The name of this infotainment system indicates that user experience (UX) is the top priority. A unique feature of this system is its ability to learn thanks to artificial intelligence. MBUX can be personalized and is user-friendly. Thus, it creates an emotional connection between the vehicle, its driver and passengers. Updates can be made wirelessly. Its additional strengths include a high-resolution touch-screen widescreen control panel, a navigation display with augmented reality technology and the intelligent voice control with natural speech recognition that can be activated with the password “Hey Mercedes”.

Whereas the comfort control system ENERGIZING combines different comfort systems in the vehicle and uses music and illuminance to create a mood, as well as a variety of massage modes to ensure wellness. ENERGIZING COACH is part of the comfort control system. This feature, based on an intelligent algorithm, recommends one of the programs depending on the situation and on the individual. When wearing a Garmin® smart watch, recommendations will be tailored to personal factors such as stress level or quality of sleep. The purpose of the system is to make passengers feel comfortable and relaxed, even during exhausting and monotonous trips.

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