17. December, 2019

Modern, high-quality and elegant – gifts that will delight real car fans

Modern, high-quality and elegant – gifts that will delight real car fans

At Christmas, everyone wants to receive a gift that will truly delight them. How do you make happy a good car fan, if all the ideas seem to be exhausted in other festivities? Maybe it's time for accessories that, like the car itself, reflect the owner's lifestyle, show aesthetic taste and at the same time can be functional and make life easier! To make the gift experience more enjoyable for the recipient, Mercedes-Benz AG and Daimler Truck AG general representative in Latvia SIA “Domenikss” has compiled TOP3 gift ideas for those who consider cars as their lifestyle.

Original discs with design solutions
Original wheels and tires will always be a safe choice with guaranteed quality and good price, emphasizes Uldis Piekuss, head of logistics and spare parts department at Mercedes-Benz AG and Daimler Truck AG general representative in Latvia, SIA “Domenikss”. Authorized services provide professional and convenient tire and wheel maintenance, proper wheel change and also storage. This helps the car owner to save time, space and work, and makes him feel confident that the car is fitted with the perfect tires.

 “The right wheels complement every design. One of the most striking examples in our own salon is the new GLE, which now may be equipped with extra-large wheels - from 18 to 22 inches. But other brands also appreciate the wheels that match the design of their cars,” says Uldis Piekuss, adding that another advantage of the brand wheels is the original wheel design solutions for a variety of tastes - from restrained to highly exclusive. A good dealer will also offer brand-developed wheel cleaning products that will remove dirt, brake dust and oil stains from the wheels and protect the nuts from rusting.

 Original care products
Saturated and glittering colour, glossy tire rims, perfectly clean and fresh interior, crystal clear windows - who doesn't want to keep the feel of a new car for as long as possible! Original care products are as efficient as possible and at the same time gentle - they are perfectly compatible with each particular car.

 “By giving someone original care products, you can feel confident that this person's car will retain its visual status for years and will be protected from the negative effects of the environment. Care and cleaning products are now available for a wide range of vehicle parts - from all types of plastic panels to wheels and windows. The new generation of wiper blades efficiently removes road dirt, silicone, diesel soot, hot wax, insects, and bird dirt, while keeping the wiper blades quieter. There are also a number of original car paint cleaning and polishing products, window fluid concentrates and window defrosting agents that can handle even a millimetre of ice on a -15 degree frost,” says Uldis Piekuss, adding that the car not only has to be taken care of, it also should be spoiled. Different means of car beauty care will warm the heart of every great car owner.

 Stylish accessories
Each brand also ensures that the fiercest fans of the brand can not only fit out their car, but also in their daily routine claim that they belong to supporters of a particular brand. “Every self-respecting brand offers both technical car accessories and lifestyle accessories. Each model has its own range of accessories - clothes racks, mats, interior air fresheners, child seats, bicycle racks, freezers, bumper guards, luggage boxes and much more,” says Uldis Piekuss, logistics and parts manager of SIA “Domenikss”. Just like cars, brand collection products also usually meet the highest standards of design and quality.

 And personal lifestyle accessories - watches, clothing, sunglasses, key chains, leather bags, umbrellas, hats, etc. - are much more than souvenirs with a company logo today: they embody classically modern and immortal designs and are made from high-quality materials, so they will be a perfect gift for the demanding aesthete, whose car is his greatest passion.

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