12. April, 2021

Mercedes-Benz windshield wipers

Mercedes-Benz windshield wipers

Although easily accessible and even easier to replace, windshield wipers are an element that is usually overlooked during car maintenance. However, when worn, they can significantly impair visibility and the ability to assess driving conditions on the road. The question is when you can still tolerate, but when the brooms must be changed, and which ones are better to choose – mass production, or still original.

There is an opinion that it is desirable to change the windshield wipers every six months. However, it will be much more accurate to say that you need to follow a special indicator designed specifically for this purpose - fixing when the squeegees are worn. If there is no indicator, it is worth following these two signs - when sliding on the glass, the squeegees make noise, and they remove all water and dirt unevenly. If the first aspect is simply annoying, then the second is already affecting road safety, especially at dusk.

There is also an opinion that the service life of cheap and expensive squeegees does not differ much. However, it is appropriate to oppose the argument here that the issue is not all about price, but about quality. For example, the original Mercedes-Benz windscreen wipers have been tested and proven in truly extreme conditions. For customers to enjoy the best performance, Mercedes-Benz wipers had to be cleaned of 4,000 liters of water from the windshield during testing. They were also sprayed with salt water for 250 hours. Finally, they had to complete 500,000 operating cycles without a noticeable decline in operational efficiency. In other words, they are 2,160,000 square meters of cleaned glass. Here is what the original windshield wipers mean!

Now let us talk about how to replace the blades yourself if it is not done in the service together with other car maintenance work. For most Mercedes-Benz models, the squeegee holder extends under the bonnet, so the squeegee cannot be raised. This makes the task much more difficult. To facilitate the process, the car ignition must be switched on and the windscreen wiper must be started. The ignition must be switched off when the squeegee is in the middle of the window. It should now be possible to lift the squeegees off the windscreen. In turn, there is a special function for changing the squeegees of the latest Mercedes-Benz cars, which must be activated, and it is recommended to read the instructions in the car's digital user manual before changing the squeegees.

An aspect that needs careful attention is the size of the brooms. It differs not only in the models according to the curvature and configuration of the windscreen, but also in the specific pair of wipers. There are models where the driver's side squeegee clears a larger area than the squeegee's passenger side, and vice versa. Therefore, pay attention to which squeegee should be placed on which side.