13. July, 2020

Meet the S-Class DIGITAL: "My MBUX" (Mercedes-Benz User Experience): At home on the road – luxurious and digital

Meet the S-Class DIGITAL: "My MBUX" (Mercedes-Benz User Experience): At home on the road – luxurious and digital

Mercedes-Benz has systematically designed the new edition of its flagship model with the rear in mind. One example: passengers in the rear have the same extensive Infotainment and comfort features as the driver and front passenger. They have access to up to three touchscreens and a variety of different control options such as MBUX Interior Assist or the voice control assistant "Hey Mercedes".

No other innovation in recent years has so radically changed the operation of a Mercedes-Benz as MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). The second generation of this learn-capable system now has its debut in the new S-Class. The vehicle interior is even more digital and intelligent, as both the hardware and software have made great strides: brilliant displays on up to five large screens, in part with OLED technology, make control of vehicle and comfort functions even easier. The human factor is always the central consideration. The possibilities for personalisation and intuitive operation have become far more extensive. This certainly applies in the rear, but also for the driver: for example, the new 3D driver display allows a spatial view at the touch of a button for the first time. A real three-dimensional effect is achieved without having to wear 3D glasses.

The voice assistant "Hey Mercedes" is capable of even more dialogue. Certain actions can be performed even without the activation keyword "Hey Mercedes", for example. These include accepting a telephone call or displaying the navigation map. "Hey Mercedes" can now also explain where the first-aid kit is located, or how to connect a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Alongside the classic entry of a PIN, a new authentication method ensures a high level of security. Fingerprint, face and voice recognition are combined. This allows access to individual settings or verification of digital payment processes from the vehicle.

However, the unique feature of MBUX is its networking with a wide range of vehicle systems and sensor data. For example, the exit warning function in the S-Class now uses cameras to recognise that an occupant wants to leave the vehicle. If another road user is approaching in the blind spot, the active ambient lighting becomes part of the exit warning system and flashes red. MBUX Interior Assist checks whether the child seat is correctly attached to the front passenger seat. The driver's attention level is also monitored. The driver is warned by ATTENTION ASSIST if there are signs of microsleep.

With  MBUX Mercedes -Benz has designed the most desirable automotive operating system. Mercedes-Benz transferred the bipolarity of our aesthetic soul Sensual Purity to our MBUX operating system - the desire for beauty and the extraordinary with the Wow of how it works.

The new S-Class can be experienced with almost all the senses – seeing, feeling and hearing – while offering numerous innovations in the areas of driver assistance, protection and interaction. Here is a mindmap of the key content in the first Special:

Overview of key features

Many forms of interaction and personalisation from every seat:

  • The latest screen technologies and MBUX for all occupants
    • Media display in portrait format as a visual highlight
    • On request this is available with OLED technology and haptic feedback
    • The driver display allows real three-dimensional effect without having to wear 3D glasses
    • Up to three screens in the rear
    • Screen content can be quickly and easily shared with other passengers
    • Selection and amendment of navigation destinations is possible from the rear seats

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