17. May, 2021

Can you breathe peacefully in your car?

Can you breathe peacefully in your car?

We consume 12,000 liters of air every day with 17,000 - 26,000 inhalations and exhalations. It is important that this air is clean and invigorating. Therefore, the maintenance of the car's air ventilation and the air conditioning system is not only a matter of car care, but also a health issue.

If car windows are sweating, and the air is stuffy and has an unpleasant odor as well, it is time to change the cabin air filter and/or to disinfect the air conditioning.

The cabin filter, which is an integral part of the ventilation system, serves as a barrier between the surrounding environment and the car interior. Without it, not only dust and pollen would enter the cabin, but even sand, small gravel stones and other types of dirt. If an activated carbon filter is installed, it also prevents exhaust gases, hydrocarbons and other types of air pollution from entering the cabin. A high-quality filter can retain up to 99.5 % of dirt and unpleasant odors.

The general recommendation is that the cabin air filter should be replaced after every driven 15,000 kilometers, once a year, or at each car maintenance. However, it would be optimal to assess the driving conditions. If you are basically driving on clean, asphalt roads, then this could be the right interval. On the other hand, if you often must travel on dusty gravel roads, then there is probability that the air filter becomes clogged faster and needs to be replaced more often. In order to change the filter just in time, it is best to ask your car mechanic to assess its condition.

However, there is one more important aspect – disinfection or antibacterial treatment of the air conditioning system. Many of us do not even think about it, because we are convinced that the conditioning system is airtight, so there can be nothing harmful to health. However, the principle of heat exchanger works in the external parts of the air conditioning system. As a result, condensate accumulates on individual parts. When driving, dust, pollen and other small particles stick to these wet areas, and this environment becomes a source of mold, bacteria and various microorganisms or fungi.

The basement-like scent is the least of the evils in this story. Scientific studies have shown that poorly maintained air conditioning systems can become a source of pathogenic bacteria. Legionellosis, a form of pneumonia, is associated directly with a poorly maintained air conditioning system. For people with allergies, a car with a dirty air conditioning system can cause various allergic reactions – sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, stuffy nose, etc.

There are several methods to disinfect the air conditioning system. We do this in accordance with Mercedes-Benz standards, using Mercedes-Benz certified materials. And we recommend our customers to do it twice a year – at the beginning of the hot season, so – now, and also before winter.

We wish that you breathe peacefully in your car, so from May 24 to June 14 we offer to our customers:

  • a cabin air filter inspection and replacement with a discount for parts up to 40 %;
  • diagnostics, repair and refilling of air conditioning system with discount for parts up to 40 %
  • antibacterial treatment of the air conditioning system, eliminating bacteria and unpleasant odors
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