31. May, 2021

A new electric passenger minibus built in the Baltics

A new electric passenger minibus built in the Baltics

SIA “E buss” presents NOVUS ECOLINE - an electric passenger minibus built in the Baltics. The construction of an electric minibus is a project proposed by the team of SIA “Domenikss”, which is based on the growing demand and significantly missing supply of manufacturers in the segment of minibuses and, in particular, electric minibuses.

The 19-passenger electric minibus is based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and will be sold under the name NOVUS ECOLINE.


By purposefully consolidating and using decades of accumulated experience, research materials and technologies, the company SIA “E buss” was established, which will be responsible for the distribution of NOVUS ECOLINE in Latvia in the future. Leading companies in the Baltics - SIA “Domenikss”, “Mercedes-Benz AG” general representative in Latvia, UAB “Altas Komercinis Transportas” and UAB “Elinta Motors” - knowledgeable and experienced electric car drive components - were involved in the development and construction of the new electric bus. and developer and manufacturer of battery systems.

"We started the development of NOVUS ECOLINE with a very clear goal - to create a “green” and efficient passenger minibus in the segment where there is a high demand but a lack of supply. The world's and Europe's leading bus manufacturers focus on the production of large buses, including large electric buses. Passenger minibuses are not currently their priority, as they require large investments and production capacity. But with us in the Baltic States and also in Scandinavia, minibuses with up to 22 seats are the most in demand in the passenger transport segment. They are used by educational institutions, travel companies, regional and city carriers. The demand for electric buses or "green technologies" is also growing," says Benita Danilenko, board member and owner of "E buss".

The first 7 passenger electric minibuses will go to their owners in June and will become the property of A/S “Nordeka”.

“After receiving information that such environmentally friendly minibuses suitable for Latvian intercity passenger transportation are being developed and built in the Baltics, we included them in the tender offer organized by the Road Transport Directorate. We are pleased that the first electric minibuses built in the Baltics will enter our fleet. With them, we will transport passengers on routes in Bauska district and Riga district - in the direction of Salaspils and Baldone, ”comments Sergejs Konopijevs, Chairman of the Board of A/S “Nordeka”.

NOVUS ECOLINE technical parameters:


  • 19 passenger seats,
  • Possibility to provide a place for a person with reduced mobility,
  • Electric motor with a power of 150 kW,
  • 3 battery packs with a total capacity of 115 kWh,
  • Possibility to drive up to 200 kilometers on a single charge,
  • Maximum speed 90 km / h,
  • Electric buses are equipped with fast charging equipment, which provides more than 70 kW of charging capacity and allows batteries to be charged up to the 80% charging limit recommended by the EV industry in less than 2 hours,
  • NOVUS ECOLINE is equipped with unique technologies that allow remote monitoring of minibus movement and key parameters, as well as remote diagnostics and software updates.

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