4. March, 2021

5 things for which the car in the spring will be grateful

5 things for which the car in the spring will be grateful

Impressively long queues are forming at all car washes this week. You may have to wait several hours for the car to be cleared of snow, salt and mud. However, clearing the car of winter dust is not the only way you can and should take care of the car in the spring.

The next step after washing is a careful assessment of the car body - whether there are any scratches or scratches in winter. "The body can be scratched not only by gravel and crushed stone, but even by coarser grains of salt, with which the roads are richly sprinkled in winter. If you notice scratches, it is better to continue consultation with specialists. Moisture will enter the body metal at scratches and rust will form quite rapidly, which will spread on all sides under the paint layer. It is better to prevent it immediately and professionally by cleaning and closing the “wound” with special means provided for this purpose,” says Maris Putnieks, SIA“ Domenikss ” Passenger Car Service Manager.

Nowadays, car manufacturers determine the maintenance for each model, incl. oil change, interval depending on the number of kilometers driven or time of use, regardless of the season, provided that only high-quality oil specified by the manufacturer will be used. In addition, the on-board computer can make interval adjustments by evaluating engine parameters such as driving style, starting frequency, engine temperature regime, engine oil quality. "However, an extraordinary oil change will only benefit the engine's lubrication system, as it will improve lubrication quality. And at the same time, the oil filter must be changed so that what is stuck in the filter does not end up in the new oil,” continues M. Putnieks.

Continuing the topic of filters, M. Putnieks adds that it is also desirable to check the cabin air filter. "Of course, there is more dust in the summer season, so it might seem that replacing the air filter is an autumn job. However, from a critical point of view, it is clear that in winter the air both outside and in the car is very humid. This moisture is also stored by the filter. In turn, moisture is loved by various bacteria and it attracts dust. The filter clogs. Replacing the air filter in the spring will significantly improve the air exchange and quality in the cabin, and if a special aroma had appeared in the winter, it will probably disappear as well,” says M.Putnieks.

Replacing winter tires is another important moment, as it allows you to do a few other jobs. "The first thing to do at this point is to evaluate the brake system. In driving conditions such as now, when the roads are covered with mud, something can get caught in the braking system. In such cases, it may be necessary to prevent or replace the brake system, as winter is a time when the brakes are used more intensively. The condition of the running gear must also be assessed. Even a small slip on the edge of the road can cause damage to them, which can be immediately overlooked,” says M. Putnieks.

Finally, an assessment of the condition of the spare wheel and repair kit. "Summer is a time of travel. And it is really unpleasant to find out, if necessary, that there is still a shovel and a bag of sand in the trunk, but there is no jack there. On the other hand, the spare wheel does not have the necessary pressure, and it is not possible to inflate it, but you can only blame yourself for it,” concludes M. Putnieks.

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