Exhibition “Riders of the Sky”

Art gallery “Happy Art Museum” in collaboration with the Mercedes-Benz dealer Domenikss invites all art admirers to the new exhibition “Riders of the Sky”. 

The exhibition is made by two sculptors – Zigmunds Biela and Aleksandrs Makarenko, who have created their vision of the never ending fight between heaven and earth.

The characters of Aleksandrs Makarenko have frozen with their eyes closed, trying to listen to their inner voice, music and sounds that can only be heard when the rest has stopped. 

The sculptures of Zigmunds Biela have been crafted in such a virtuosic manner that they surprise with their sharp and clear vision.

During times when there are not only fights happening in the minds of people, the riders of the sky give us hope that with the arrival of spring, peace will arrive not only in our minds, but the entire earth.

“This is the second exhibition that has been displayed in the Domenikss showroom in collaboration with Happy art Museum. The openness and light that comes in through the glass facade, allows to enjoy the true meaning behind every art piece and shows us the many dimensions that creativeness can have, “says Jānis Dambītis. “The sculptures interact fantastically with the Mercedes-Benz automobiles, which are a work of art in the car industry. For example, the Mercedes-Benz E class is the result of a creative collaboration between 1400 engineers.”

The exhibition is organized by


Curator Gaļina Maksimova

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